How to run your business during COVID 19 quarantine?

The Covid 19 quarantine, challenged every business in the world with tough times.

However, here we are listing 5 tips on how to run your business during this tough period, considering both financial and growth matters:

  1. Integrate Technology to your Work: If your are using technologies to help you and your employees work from home, congratulations, otherwise, cosider using them. Bellow list helps you with the list of free applications you can integrate easily to your business:
    • You can use applications such as Slack or simply Whatsapp or Viber for communications.
    • Zoom, Skype or GoToMeeting for managing your meetings.
    • Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox for file sharing.
    • Trello, Microsoft Tasks and similiar tools for tasks management and assignments.
  2. Develop or Purchase a Management Software for your Business: A management software/solution is the perfect tool for your business during and after quarantine as it helps you stay in control of your business and run your business from anywhere, anytime. Some of the basic features for your business are: Financial Management/Accounting, Project Management, Archive Management, Human Resource, Sales Management/CRM and so on. Not to forget a beautifully designed website that allows your company to take orders or contacted online is the peefect solution for your marketing.
  3. Encourage your Employees to Work From Home: Employees need motivation all the time and during the pandemics like COVID19 they probably need more. Show them the big picture, your strategy and plan and let them know that you care about them and the society.
  4. Customize your Services for COVID19: If your business has a possiblity to be customized in COVID19 theme, you will win. E-Commerce companies start selling senitizers, masks and other health related products as well as provide other services to help people stay in home and yet buy what they need. Educational institutions start e-learning services. IT Companies develop software so that businesses can work and run online through the internet. Internet companies provide cheap and usefull packages and bundles for people who will need to connect to the internet during the quarantine. Some logistic companies supply healthcare related products to their contractors and so on so far. You need to think of how your busibess can provide services in COVID19 and quarantine theme as well. Maybe you can find an innovative solution that the world needs.
  5. Manage your finances: Despire of all the efforts you make, there are still chances of being underpaid during the pandemic, therefore, youd need to manage your finances well. It is sad, but letting some of your employees go or cutting their salaries to the scale of 50% less or more is a solution that you can think of. You need to make sure you do enough cost cutting so that you can still run if the quarantine continues to be.

Running a startups or business is always about solving problems, however, sometimes like the current situation, you will need to think a little bit out of the box for the health of your company, employees and yourself.

Lastly, stay safe during the COVID19 pandemic, nothing is more worthy than your health and life.

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