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Partnering up with Mantra Softech, a global hi tech manufacturer of biometric products and solutions we provide you with identification, biometric and RFID solutions. From protecting your business through restricting access to sensitive areas of your facilities to providing customized solutions as per business security needs without incurring any additional cost for the security system makes Mantra the trusted biometric technology partners for many businesses.

Fingerprint Scanners

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Biometric & Identifications

Every business should know the importance of its security. Threats on businesses come from both inside and outside, so certain safeguard measures should be taken. Mantra offers convenient top quality security products which will pay for themselves after the first time they are required.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanners are used for recognizing and authenticating the fingerprint of an individual. Fingerprint readers and the scanners are safe and reliable devices for any security authentication.

Moxa 7

Mantra’s MOXA7 is a portable rugged biometric terminal utilized for diverse biometric enrollment and identification project needs. MOXA7 is equipped with a rugged fingerprint scanner and rear side 5MP camera to scan Barcode and QR code efficiently.
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Mantra's MFSTAB II is an embedded advance AEBAS terminal uniquely designed for Aadhar enabled Biometrics Attendance system (AEBAS) application for Government employees. The device utilizes Aadhar number and individuals' biometrics for marking the attendance.
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Mantra MORPHS is a portable & unique multi fingerprint scanner device use to capture all ten fingerprint images of individuals (four finger-slaps & thumbs of both the hands). The ten-print fingerprint capture device is proficient in capturing both fingerprints ID flats.
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Mantra MFS Fingerprint Reader is a highly secured optical USB 2.0 FAP10 fingerprint scanner suitable for biometric verification for various identification program. The reader is easy to install & use it also accommodates the widest range of fingerprint conditions.
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MAPRO OX is a compact and lightweight biometric fingerprint scanner used for precise identity verification and user authentication requirements. The device is developed using advance optical fingerprint capturing technology that offer higher image quality.
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Mantra mDesk7 fingerprint biometric device offers an ideal platform for mobility, versatility and data security, enabling you to deliver trusted services in any sector at anytime and anywhere. The mDesk7 biometric device has capabilities to verify faultlessly an individual using fingerprint and comparing them to the central server.
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Iris and Integrated Systems

Mantra introduced an advanced series of iris and integrated fingerprint biometric machines. Mantra MFSTAB series is all-in-one, affordable, and WiFi enabled terminal. Its Android environment provides benefits of using it in various apps.

MATISX (Iris Scanner)

MATISX is an advanced dual iris scanner that simultaneously captures both the iris of an individual with greater precision. The adjustable interpupillary distance feature makes the device well-suited for IRIS based biometric identification & enrollment project requirements.


Mantra MIS100V2 is a high quality USB IRIS Scanner for IRIS Authentication. It provides higher security and usability with high-level image matching and better iris image assessment qualities. MIS100V2 is ultra compact that can auto capture the iris image of an individual.


Mantra introduces its next generation secure biometric tablet: MFSTAB 4G fingerprint biometric machine. The 7” touch screen Android device with 4G speed for data transfer is useful for biometric data capturing and reading, it has the capability for ID verification and identification .


Mantra MISTAB IRIS Scanner is all-in-one, affordable, Wi-Fi enabled IRIS device . It can be used for various applications such as Time and Attendance Management, Access Control Management, Work flow Management, Canteen Management, Visitor Management, Worker Management .


MISTAB 74G is a portable tablet with IRIS scanner developed to meet biometric based verification project needs using IRIS capturing technique. The slick and portable handheld IRIS tablet includes a stunning 7-inch display screen.


Mantra mTerminal100 IRIS & Fingerprint Biometric POS Machine is an all-in-one, affordable, Mobile terminal consisting of various Biometrics Technology. A contemporary aesthetic that blends perfectly with modern architecture, 1 GHz Dual Core ARM processor, Support STQC/Aadhaar Certified Fingerprint, IRIS reader, Dual GSM/LTE Sim Slot and Supports GPRS/3G/4G and WiFi Interface.


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